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Andrew Naam, IA.AIA
Principal - Design Director 

After graduating from School of Architecture, he worked in the construction field with the biggest contractor in Egypt and one of the biggest contractors worldwide.

Andrew worked in the United States for more than 10 years where he joined award winning Architecture firms in Cleveland, Ohio and in Los Angeles, California.


He worked as the Projects Director for a Laguna Beach office before he decided that it was time to fulfill his dream of building his own empire and do what he loves doing the most!


Sandra Meleka
Operations Director

Sandra graduated from the American University in Cairo and worked for multinational corporations in the US and Egypt for more than 12 years, until she found her passion in marketing and decided to pursue them at ARKEYAT and is now responsible for the marketing, communication and business development efforts of the firm.


In addition to strategic business development efforts, she directs media relations, branding, advertising and website development.

Mina Ihab

Team Leader


Madonna Magdy



Mina Samy

Junior Architect

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